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I was in Long Beach for a day not too long ago when my Mom told me about some old photos she came across. I sat on the floor for about two hour while going through them and laughing to the point of tears. I could not resist … I had to share some. This […]

the best most important reason i go to hawaii … my tutu! playtime with the macro lens and photoshop i was drawn to the red outline of the leaf a little bit of kalikimaka

reflection in the stream i spy brian and ruby … can you see them? brian peers back while navigating through the hawaiian mosquito filled jungle water chilling in front of the waterfall the boys are entertained with some bamboo the destination the trek back up time out for the three horned gecko boys will be […]

noela times


reflection view from the backyard at noela front lanai at noela ruby – golden light me cliff jumping at waimea bay brian gracefully leaping at waimea bay sandy’s beach at sandy’s beach boy on boy sunscreen action shark’s cove ruby at shark’s cove north shore looking mauka what we termed as our “drop table/area” … […]

a little vine swinging the one photo where brian didn’t have his tongue sticking all the way out ruby coming upon a perfect landing the two crazies i am traveling with brian kinda died on the couch

It was Brian’s birthday so I decided to broil steak for him and Jessy. I stopped eating meat at the beginning of 2000, but probably have not had a steak since I was 15. I had to 911 my Mom so she could talk me through the culinary process of red meat. Then when setting […]