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I spent the winter of 2005 in Vukovar, Croatia for an internship. Odd place to venture to? Perhaps, but I have always had (and still have) this ‘thing’ for the Balkans. Anyway, I lived in the building where I also worked. The offices were downstairs and the living areas were upstairs. This building survived the […]

My parents went out of the country and generously gave Brian and me their tickets to the USC vs. ASU football game. This was Brian’s first experience at a college football game and the first game I’ve been to since graduating. Of course SC handled ASU without a problem. Here are a few random images […]



About a year ago I had the amazing opportunity to photograph my friend Amy for an assignment. I have gone back and re-edited this project, as I am a year further in my education and skills. This a is a very very loose edit, but I wanted to share more rather then less. Amy has […]

kitty cat


This is Stormy, my kitty. She is 17 yrs old. I’ve grown up with her and she’s grown up with me. She is tiny and skittish but a ball of personality and love. I am the only persons lap she will sit in. Just wanted to share an image of my baby, my love.