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Well … I am alive and kicking. Considering the past handful of days, this is an accomplishment 🙂 Courtney and I flew to Kanyakumari from Chennai (Madras) despite some serious rain and wind that almost caused me to abort the plane ride. We arrived safely on the 26th only to be awaken on the 27th […]

Being from Southern California, I am more accustomed to Santa Ana winds and fires then I am to rain. When in rains at home, or when anything in the form of the slightest drizzle occurs, there are newscasters positioned on street corners with rain jackets and microphones asking passer byers how they are dealing with […]

About a week ago I was riding back to my room after having dinner at Chali’s with her family (Chali is the main woman in my photostory). I take the back roads to her house because it is significantly quicker. The back roads, however, are extremely dark at night. There are some lights on the […]

I was reminded that I had yet to post images of what is around me each day. So here is a small visual 🙂 This is the view of Samasti Guest House from the courtyard, where I have been living for the past two weeks. As you walk into Samasti from the dirt road. If […]

looks like clay from afar up close not so much – haha not exactly sure how you keep score on these but that’s what they are used for different view gotta love the referee chair me in the funny referee chair … I thought it was going to go over backwards apparently this is how […]

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As my Mother reminded me last night, when you are on Malaria pills, a very common side effect is extremely vivid dreams. Well I have been on Malaria meds starting 2 days before I left and will be on them until I get home in one month. There was this ‘little incident’ two nights ago […]

I have been shooting my photostory here in Auroville for the past 3 days. I will not be posting any images from it however, I am saving them for the opening of the India Documentary Trip at the beginning of April 2009. I will still post some single images of people, places, and things, as […]

Now how can you not smile when your latte is delivered to you like this? Brian requested more pictures of me … this was the best I could do at the time being 🙂 They discovered me before I wanted them to. Simplicity in an action and noise packed country. Death by tuk tuk is […]

The view from our 6th story balcony in Pondicherry. The swing I sat in during my rough moments in Pondicherry. Swings put a calmness in body for some reason. She was sitting on the floor making clothes in the little store of our Inn. Typical power line tangles in India. Picking up at a Temple […]