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Our tour guide around the gardens little plants that are either planted or given to local schools through an outreach educational program. Ruby trying to pull a out of the ground … weak!! These little suckers will plug you up if you know what I mean. Those little orange things can also be used as […]


On Wednesday we visited EARTH University in Guácimo, Limón, Costa Rica. EARTH University is an international, private, non-profit University  EARTH University is “dedicated to education in the agricultural sciences and natural resources in order to contribute to sustainable development in the tropics by seeking a balance between agricultural production and environmental preservation.” We had the […]

Coffee and meds


I have been sick for 2.5 weeks; in other words pretty much my whole Christmas break (Christmas, my birthday, and New Years). I realize that my traveling schedule didn’t help my recovery. The first 2 days in Costa Rica I spent in bed. Luckily the extra sleep helped and my energy level has rebounded. I […]

more to come …

After India


I fell off the blogging world, I know. I got back to the U.S. and was thrown into a hard case of reality. We had to have our entire India edits complete, including toning and captioning, less then 48 hours after landing. I then had to pack for Long Beach, Virginia, and Costa Rica at […]