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Checkout the amazing waste disposal system. In the stone carvers district of Mandalay, Buddha is the artist’s choice. There are hundreds of Buddhas lining the streets and yards in this area waiting to be sold. Gold Leaf Our super sketchy transportation up the many switchbacks of Mandalay Hill for sunset.



The world’s largest ringing bell (the largest bell in Moscow is cracked). Hsinbyume Paya, or also known as Myatheindan Pagoda, was built in 1816. In 1790 the building of Mingun Paya began, however, it was never finished. The original plan was for a 500 foot structure (about 3 times its current height). In 1838 an […]

Nwe Nyein is known for their production of 50-gallon glazed jars. Most jars are exported but those the village keeps are primarily used for water storage.

The yellow/white paint like substance you see on the faces of women and children is called Thanaka. It is made by grinding up bark with a mortar and pastel and adding water. Thanaka is used for sun protection, acne prevention, and cosmetic purposes all throughout Myanmar. These are water jugs. This setup is equivalent to […]

Katha, Myanmar


In his book, Burmese Days, George Orwell used the town of Katha for the setting. Tennis Court (the Old British Club in Katha)!! Check back soon.

Just outside of Katha, Myanmar.



An old trading city 50 miles from the Chinese border. This is the airport in Bhamo, Myanmar that we flew into. I had to ask permission to snap this photo as the airport is considered a government building. Don’t even ask how many anxiety pills I had to take to board the airplane to Bhamo.

Chinlon — or Cane Ball Improvising The Governor’s Residence