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Bagan, Myanmar


Bagan is a magical city containing 16 square miles of ruins, most from the 11th to 13th century. Bagan, unfortunately, is not recognized as a World Heritage Site. UNESCO and the Military Junta of Myanmar do not see eye to eye on how to restore the ancient ruins. Bagan also wraps up my adventure in […]

Kan, Myanmar


Kan village has 1,500 residents, superb architecture, and a 150 year-old monastery.

Mawlaik is a larger town with 50,000 inhabitants. Back in the 1920’s it was the administrative center for those of the upper Chindwin River. This version of a tuk-tuk was our transportation for the day. You quickly learn to hold onto the vehicle while seated. We almost lost one person, no joke. Personally, I prefer […]

Pandaw views


I spy the giant standing and reclining Buddhas in Monywa, Myanmar.

Gazat, Myanmar


Gazat is a village of 1,300 people. The main source of revenue is from agriculture and gold panning. Did you know turtles eat mushrooms? I didn’t. And yes, his shell is painted gold.

Kindat, Myanmar


The village of Kindat is home to 1,600 people. Electricity throughout the village is provided by generators from various families.

Atop the Shwe Moke Htaw pagoda.

Min Kin Monastery    

Kin, Myanmar


Kin Village is home to 500 families on the west bank of the Chindwin River. Many make a living by carving teak furniture. (There are just a few more Myanmar posts remaining!)

Kani, Myanmar


Sweet sticky rice wrapped in bamboo … it was quite tasty. Overlooking Kani from a pagoda. The Chindwin River is on the left. Now if only there had been sunlight … We had local tea at this little teashop that looks like it might fall into the Chindwin. The local tea. You mix it up […]