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Meteora, Greece


A tip from a friend is how we decided to give Meteora a visit. This is one of those places where if you ever have the opportunity … TAKE IT!! The Monasteries built on these tall sheer rocks are unbelievable. Too bad the light wasn’t great.

Rhodes, Greece


Yes, doors and windows are my “thing!”

Athens, Greece


Over a year ago Brian and I traveled to Greece. Life has been busy, but I finally got some images done.

Unfortunately, Brian and I were quite sick while in Barcelona, so we saw a lot of our hotel room. When we did make it out, the energy to shoot photos just wasn’t there.

Granada, Spain


Seville, Spain


We only spent one day in Casablanca (there was an additional day in another Moroccan city). I would have loved to explore the city and country for an extended period of time, but that wasn’t the nature of this trip (which long story short, kind of landed in our laps). Guess that just means I’ll […]